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What is a fat transfer?

Fat transfer is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat from certain areas of your body and redistributes it to areas where you desire additional fullness or volume. It’s a popular cosmetic procedure because it delivers results without relying on foreign substances or devices to refine facial or body contours.

This approach is used to increase volume in the face, breasts, hands, or buttocks. Fat removal often takes place from your abdomen, sides, outer thighs, or the backs of your arms. It’s then processed to remove excess liquid and prepared for reinjection into your body.

What are the benefits of fat transfer?

Fat transfer procedures with David M. Godat, MD, enable you to refine the contours of your face or body without more invasive surgical procedures. Because the process makes use of your own tissues, there is a reduced risk of infection or tissue rejection.

The process does not require large incisions. In fact, the incisions are usually less than an eighth of an inch. That means a faster recovery and less post-surgical discomfort as opposed to more invasive treatment options.

Fat transfer also has the added benefit of removing fat from areas of your body where you might want less volume. In this way, a fat transfer offers two aesthetic benefits in one procedure. The removed fat cells are gone from that area for good and will not regenerate.

How long do the results of fat transfer last?

Dr. Godat injects your prepared fat cells into the target area, taking care to distribute the cells evenly to improve the chances of cell survival. A portion of the transplanted fat cells will not survive in their new location, but care is taken to improve the viability of as many cells as possible.

Those cells that survive in their new position will function the same way as all fat cells. They will expand and contract to store varying amounts of fat. Your results are permanent, but significant weight gain or loss can alter those results.

You can increase the success rate by closely adhering to Dr. Godat’s instructions for your recovery process. Quitting smoking, improving your diet and hydration habits, and boosting your overall health are all important ways to get the most out of your fat transfer procedure.  

If you’d like to explore fat transfer in greater detail, schedule a time to sit down with Dr. Godat to discuss your treatment goals. He can advise you on all available options and guide you toward a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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