Breast Revision


The goal with a breast revision is to change or improve the breast appearance or shape after previous surgery. Over time implants may shift or change appearance that differ from originally desired. In many cases, breast implants need to be replaced in order achieve the best results. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your implants a breast revision can be tailored to address these issues.

Why to consider a breast revision?

  • Ruptured or migrated implant  
  • Implants have shifted position
  • Desire to change size of implants
  • Pain from capsular contracture 

Recovery & Results

The recovery process should be very similar to your initial breast surgery. Every body type is different and healing may vary over several weeks time. Implants will settle into place over the following weeks after surgery in revealing final results. You will be able to return to work after 7-10 days and swelling should subside in the weeks to follow.

When you’re ready to explore the options for achieving the breast size and shape you desire, schedule a consultation with David M. Godat, MD. Request an appointment online or give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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